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You Rock!

Chris BurkMenn

Not sure why Chris thinks I’m a fan, oh wait, he’s a moron who sends messages to anyone who walks this horrid Earth, fucking asshole.

But still, how bad can his music be?

First up is Heart Broken. Oh joy, it’s weird ass techno rap. Combining the two worst aspects of music to form “HORRIBLE FUCKING MUSIC”.

Also, he sings about “how he wants to be strong enough” and some crap about being heart broken, yawn, fucking sucks horrible.

A long time coming at least starts decently, the music actually sounds decent, unlike the above mentioned, who sounds like it’s played on Edison’s fucking phonograph, the lyrics is the usual crap about how sad he is without his girl and crap, who cares?

The music is actually pretty good, repetitive as fuck though.

“Busy Tone Featuring Rodney”, standard rap crap, hardly worth mentioning, also, not sure if there is more than one person singing, BECAUSE THEY ALL SOUND THE FUCKING SAME!

Missing you, starts with acoustic guitar, what the hell? To bad it’s just generic rap shit, with it’s endlessly repeating beat, a beat that’ll drive you beyond the reach of mortal reactions and deep into the horrors of Lovecraftian nightmares.

And as a finisher, it’s the remixed version of “Say Goodbye”. Not sure what the remixing has done, it still sucks horribly. I’m sorry Chris, but applying a filter to your voice that makes you sound vaguely robotic doesn’t make your horribly generic voice sound good.

The lyrics seem to repeat themselves all the time, could be the Refrain or could be the very spawn of Chthlu, I really don’t want to know.

Still think I “rock” Chirs?

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