Whats Happenin? You may not know but we got 2 *NEW* Songs uploaded on our myspace page. The songs are called “With Us” and “2Faced” check em out and reply with some feedback. Thanks for taking the time to read this message.

Right On,
Big Rob Tha Reverend
Dizzy D
Tha Fucked Up Kings

You want feedback? FEEDBACK?

I’ll give you feedback allright, hell, I’ll abuse you untill you stop making music and become a postman in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala.

I presume that would be adequate feedback, unless of course you want constructive feedback, sorry, that’s not my department, go talk to someone who cares.

This band/singer/congregation of lunatics is called “Big Rob : Tha Reverend“, which incidentally is one hell of a horrible name for anything.

Why do these utterly despicable bastards keep puking out band names that sounds so utterly tremendously retarded?

On to the songs this fuckwit has made:

First up is “With me”, sucks.

Fastest conslusion I’ve ever made, the music sucks, the lyrics is all about violence, drugs, sex and swearing. Also, barely civilized English.

And what the fuck does “Are you a rider? Or do you walk swiftly” mean anyway?

“2faced”: Policy #72: “Any song whose title contains single letter replacements of proper words is a horrible affront to the very foundations of civilization.”

Next up is “Chillin’ with Blunts”, I presume that means that the singer has a fetish with ammunition, I’ve heard of worse fetishisms, like that weird inflation shit some people goes nuts about, I suppose really, really, really liking patrons and bullets is fairly tame compared.

Let’s leave this song about fetishisms alone and move on.

“Into my mind”, should be the easiest song in the world, as the singer clearly doesn’t have anything inside his mind. Also, the actual singing in this song is so horrible it’s actually more painful than calling Indian companies with customer surveys about windmills.

“Fuck ’em up”. Policy: #1732: “Any song called “Fuck them up” or any derivate deserves to be burned from existences, and by burned, I mean the song, singer, band, recording studio, producers, runners, hobos living outside the studio and everything else vaguely related to the song.

Also, sucks.

“Fake Fuckaz”.

Okay, this is getting ridiculous, how can this guy even possibly thing he’s good? All his songs are utterly horrible, how the hell can anyone possibly be so terminally stupid?

Who did he play this shit for first? His deaf grandmother?

Fucking hell, this is utter waste.

EDIT: Hey hey, someone send me a comment through The Vortex of Terror.

-your tripping. you got big rob fucked up. and you posting this is just making him famous. and just to let you know your not as smart as you think u are you can barely spell. maybe u dont think its good cause you cant relate 2 his music. maybe if his lyrics was about taking it up the butt u might find it more enjoyable. also ur fucking retarded what does blunts have to do with bullets? heres some feedback 4 u. ur an ignorant piece of shit.

-p.s.thatz what i waz going to leave u on the site but after seeing your myspace theres some more i want to add. how would a nerd like yourslef even know what good rap is? and i wanted to tell you to get a life. dont you have anything better to do then talk shiit.

Isn’t it awesome?

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