Got this message from “Young Hustlers Entertainment“:

Yo Wzup I just Stop by to show you some luv and to say I’m Feeling the page Keep doing your thing Homie.N E Way when you get a chance hit up the page and check out the songs Lets us know how you feel about the songs you can leave your feed back on our wall good looking and like I said before keep doing your thing, 100 from ( Y.H.E Young Huslas Entertainment )

Now, to be fair, they are obviously some ridiculously inept Rap band, who doesn’t even deserve attention from your average idiotic gaiaonline member.

They have a surprisingly large number of songs avalabile on their myspace, I presume in my arrogance that it means they haven’t got anything that remotely resembles a record deal.

I hope they haven’t at least, but alas, my hopes are often crushed under the horrible reign of mediocrity of reality.

The first song “Young and Sexy” just plain sucks, if I wanted to listen to a high pitched voice with techno music in the background, I’d disembowel a raver while playing Scooter.

“You know Remix” is more stereotypical than a blue eyed, blond Scandinavian. Mass-produced Rap crap.

“Rev it up”, has the same annoying music as “Young and Sexy”, fortunately there isn’t any high-pitched voice singing some incomprehensible lyrics, instead there is just a standard Rap shitwad singing with the usual voice.

There is some annoying electronic singer in the chorus, babbling some crap I wouldn’t be able to understand even with a dictionary cybernetically inserted in my spinal cord.

“Downtown 2 Uptown” apparently features some other freak. I’m not going to waste anytime on it though, as it’s the same as roughly seventy-five trillion other songs in this genre.

“U like dat” is disqualified from any comments due to policy #72: “Any song whose title contains single letter replacements of proper words is a horrible affront to the very foundations of civilization.”

Last song, thank Eris, is “Streets made me”. Which has the single most annoying crap I’ve ever heard. Listen to it, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Pretty much a standard rap song.

Well, I’m not wasting any more time on this abomination of a band/singer/psudeo-scientifical grouping.

Go ahead and tell me how much you hate me and love defending people who don’t give a fuck about you.

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