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Myspace continues to remain a hurricane of crap and human waste.

So, this band “Early Rising Band” sends me a message, requesting my opinion on matters music, and who am I, to deny such a request.

So, let’s start insulting their obviously shitty and bland music. At this stage of the review I haven’t actually heard any of the music, but hey, you pricks are suppose to persuade me that you are good.

In my world, you start at shit, then work yourself to GLORY AND VICTORY!

First song is “Ride”, which is a terrible name for a song really, not very original.

Starts out with a decent bit of guitar play. Then whoever starts to scream the first few words, I wasn’t aware Glam Rock was still “in”, then again, I haven’t really watched or listened to music in the last few years, so fuck that.

The guitar is pretty good, the singer is pretty bland, and the annoying screaming part of the Chorus isn’t very well executed.

The song suffers from the good old “bland as fucking hell” that most music suffers from these days, some critics would claim that “Early Sunrise Part-mixers” aren’t to blame, I say fuck that shit, grab some originality and stop making songs like “ride”.

Next song, before I suffer a full brain melt; once again, another case of Shit-poor-song-naming Syndrome, with “You can’t stand alone”.

The song starts quietly with a bit of weather background noise and a bit of fairly well executed guitar play. Unfortunately, it’s “Emo” music, under Policy #812: “Emo-music automatically sucks horribly”, I’ll not write anything else about this song.

Next up is “fly with the wind”, which has virtually no intro, which is probably a good thing. Policy #812 with the lyrics, the music itself is bland, but well-executed.

Unfortunately, #812.

“In the land of the living” should be about fighting Zombies and vampires, but it’s just a shitload of more emo crap, about how they have lost sight of their utterly insignificant lives.

Fucking hell, I haven’t actually had to use Policy #812 so many times before.

Early Rising Band, I hate Emo music, because it’s all a bunch of bland whiny shit, so go the fuck away with the crap.

That’s it, now get the fuck off my lawn.

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