Why do I keep doing this? WHY? DAMNIT? WHY?!?!

Myspace fucking sucks.

It horribly fucking sucks. damn you America for giving us that awful shitstain on the greater Internets.

I got a messages from Coritino, who I presume is yet another stereotypical American rap “artist”. I presume this, because he has given me no other reason.

yo whats up. im writing u this to let u know i got some good music that u should listen too. show some love. listen to every track cuz none of which sounds the same. if u like it dont be a stranger i always write back. if u dont like my music thanks for listening anway. CORITINO S.T.A.C.K. Ent.

As always, he has some free “music” on his “myspace” page. So let’s listen and scream out heads off.

Song, if you can call it that, number one is STACK, who I simply refuse to listen to anymore than 12½ seconds. Fucking hell you damn amatuer, you fucked up the recording or the encoding completely, the moron who keeps going “who’s that” sounds like he’s a recording from 1872.

Next up is “No more ft. Coritino”. The start is decent, and he’s not singing in it in the begining, it actually sounds like a fairly common pop song. A pretty shitty pop song, with yet another annoying error in it’s encoding/recording. Good thing is, that we don’t actually hear the moron for well over half the song. It actually takes pretty much 2:50 before we hear our wonderful and malevolent god sing.

Next song is “Street the top featuring who the fuck cares”. Fuck this crap. Standard rap song. Can barely understand the language.

Next is “Hustle hard”. I already hate it. Why? Some annoying semi-computerized voice repeating “hustle hustle high” in the begining of the song, and unlike the bible, there is no light this time.

Last one, THANK FUCKING GOD, “Hip rock”. Yeah. Let’s not listen to this one, and just pretend that we did.

In conclusion, fuck you Coritino STACK, you are a fucking horrible singer, writer, human being, American, omnivore and probably a lousy dad/husband/boyfriend.

Go back to MacDonalds you prick.

Also: JayB is pretty much the same, so fuck him.

And I’m fucking done, I can only take so much crap on a single day.

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