Sex sells.

It’s a well known fact that Sex plain and simply sells. It involves society in the same way hobos drink whiskey, it’s ugly, makes you feel good for a while and then you wake up in a garbage can.

Look at that.

How the fuck can that not be a clearcut case of “SEX SEE ME SEX SEX SEEEEEEEEEX”.

This one is almost worse, as the singer is included, and that she is ugly as fuck, almost like that useless British celebrity who turned out to be a horrible racist. What was her name? Can’t remember, eh well, whatever.

So, in order to distract from the less than aesthetically pleasing singer with the horrible voice, they have nurses dressed in uniforms that where outdated during the war of 1812.

Holy shit, how the fuck does any fall for something that obvious? Just download some porno from the internet you raging fuckwit, it’ll help music in the long run.

I’m sorry? It’s demeaning to women? Stop electing males into political offices and beat the shit out of your husbands a bit more often then.

Might want to consider stop letting your kids emulate Britney Spears too, might help a bit. Who knows? Who cares?

Not me.

Let’s end this little Crusade of Horrible Taste with some humour:


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