Protocol of ostracization of excessive sexual fetishism.

The Office of the Emperor issues with Imperial approval this Protocol towards the greater purification of the Internet, from the terrors of excessive sexual fetishism.

By the Will of the Emperor Enlightened, this Protocol establishes a total and unrestricted ban towards any excessively displayed sexual fetishism.

Such behaviour is a prime cause of internal strife and ongoing civil war, and must thus be both suppressed and eliminated by any means necessary.

As a general rule, sexual fetishism is acceptable and fully within the rights of any citizen to partake in, however, when such fetishisms are taken to far, and sometimes outright abused for mere attention whoring, action must be taken.

Let it be know that the Emperor does not approve of such actions, and cannot accept or acknowledge any excessive sexual fetishisms.

Either destroy them, or isolate them.

Thus the Emperor Commands, obey and follow.

Office of the Emperor, 5th of December 2007.

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