I review the endless nightmare that is “Aurora Low”.

Myspace, blablablabla.

Got this message from whoever the fuck is in charge at the very feminine sounding band/singer/collective/anarcho-syndicalist commune that is “Aurora Low“.


How are you today? I hope you don’t mind me adding you but I thought you seemed cool and thought you might like the tunes.

I know myself that crap band adds get annoying and tedious. I get loads on my personal profile but I do listen to every one. About 90% I delete but I have found some amazing bands that have added me.

If you get time then have a listen and let us know what you think.

Stay in touch

Aurora Low

Now, the first song you can listen to on “Aurora Low”‘s myspace is called “Upside down”. It just plain horribly bland, no song, just music. And it endlessly repeats itself for the first NINETY SECONDS, of the roughly three minutes long song, and it sounds like something of the soundtrack of the Sims.

For your information, that isn’t a GOOD thing, it’s a horribly abomination upon the face of all creativity.

Let’s move on to the next song, before I start screaming in rage.

Next up, “Arizona”, yep, named after some American state, hurray and yahoo for the sheer originality.

Only a 45 seconds long repeat intro this time, awesome, at least, that’s what you would think. It’s just the beginning of a new repeat, which is the beginning of a new repeat, which is the beginning of a new repeat, ARRRGSDFSHDFhd.mnghsfn,dhfd.

Next song, quick dear Internet, quick.

“New Song 249″…. The fuck? Okay, titles doesn’t make any sense, and it suffers from the same stupid shit as the two others. Fuck that noise.

Last one is “Say what you mean”, and it’s a REVOLUTIONARY blend of electronical music and the same shit.

Fuck that one too.

Sorry “Aurora Low”, you suck.

Your songs are repetitive, not very original and just plain shitty.

Apparently, it’s not actually a band, it just some bastard from Sheffield that wants to make a band, HA, fat chance with such shitty music.

Try again, you FAILURE!

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