Popular French Music

You’re probably going “Wait, what? You don’t know shit about French Music Ragz, you barely know anything about music or the French!?!”.

Which is true to a degree.

However, after playing this map on these guys server, I hereby consider myself an Expert on French Popular Music, based on the single fact that the server in question continuously played random French music, I presume that the music in question is popular.

That was quite possibly the single most surreal Team Fortress 2 experience I have had so far, which is ironic, because the stupid Stereotype of the French is a guy with a baguette and a beret pretending he’s an artist.

And we all know that Surrealism is the benchmark of the artists and webcomics. And we all hate them both for murdering it, YOU MURDERERS!

But really, all I know about French music is this:

That’s really all I need to know too.

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