I review the reasonable failure that is “FC 20”.

Remember how I babbled on about Myspace and shitty bands some time ago, well sweetie, where we go AGAIN!

I got yet another stupid barely coherent message sent from the band, and probably send to roughly twelve billion trillion other nerds.

I responded in my usual way, by insulting them.

Any band with a song called “back 2 basics” automatically sucks.

Numbers are NOT WORDS! Also, Experimental.



With barely perceivable criticism of your failure.


They answer as the mature and functional adults they obviously are [SARCASM].

Suck my dick u fucking cunt!

Such insults can’t be ignored, so now I review them, because I am sucker for punishment.

Let’s talk about FC 20’s music, if you can call those train wrecks music. FC 20 has three songs available on their Myspace,” Karnivore”, “Regent’s Park” and “back 2 basics”.

We start with Karnivore: Fairly generic soft rock really. The singer starts babbling about some girl or something, not really able to understand his annoying yelling. The music is reasonable acceptable, if a bit generic. Apparently they don’t like to have loud guitars, you can barely hear the damn thing.

The Lyrics are a joke, apparently, and I have only now discovered it, they are singing about a girl who is “a man-eater and a karnivore”, to bad karnivore isn’t a word eh? What the hell is wrong with just carnivore, which incidentally is both grammatically and linguistically correct, I mean come on, what the hell have English done to you?

On to Regent’s Park, which has a way to long beginning, also, it sounds like music from SimCity 4, seriously.

The lyrics are utterly incomprehensible. Something about him having a hard life or some shit.

Apparently because he drinks and smokes pot, we have to have sympathy for him, not sure how that works.

The only awesome thing is some guy singing support with a fucking awesome accent and voice, instead of the main leads whiny British voice.


They make sure of what appears to be a harmonica in the beginning, that’s pretty awesome. Then we have the main lead going “ahhhhhhhhhhhh”, and that sucks pretty seriously.

The music is tolerable, nothing special though, the song pretty much repeats itself all the time, and its anything but original.

Not sure about the lyrics, as I still can’t understand shit.

All in all, FC 20 is pretty average, although the suck horrible at several areas, their music is at least tolerable, and the support singer that keeps popping up is pretty fucking awesome.

They are not Experimental though, sorry sweethearts, not getting that much from me.

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