Praedico Vulgaris.

First section, predictions concerning Earth itself.

When the Red Star rises, be you aware of the ramifications of such.
When the Lost Star falls, be you aware of the consequences of such.

And whence the crowd rise, and the crows sing, one must always remember ones rakes.

And when the vulgar and the foolish ignore the warnings, one must hide and cover.

Thus is the nature of the end.

Be ye aware of it.

But, hope there is, small and fragile it may be.

If a grave and valorous guardian arise from the small and the weak, we may still be saved from the all-but-inevitable faith.

Such guardian will and must and shall and might, stand.

Or the Guardian will fall, and its fall will be a terror to all thoughts.

And be vary of those who will stand against the Guardian.

Second section, predictions concerning civilization.

And when Twilight comes, and when the small one yells his message of hatred and fear,
then foundations shall be shaken,
cities shall fall, civilizations shall crumble
and we shall join ancient Rome in its slumber, until the time comes.

And the time will come, and hope will be with it.

And with the hope, ancient allies once again shall stand with you, and old enemies shall awaken from their cities.

And such cities we shall build, Cathedrals of Light and Glory, and a new Dawn has been granted us.

Third Section, predications concerning religion.

Beware of the Ides of March, and remember who was not.
For still, the thoughts remain, and the mountains shake with fear and sheer unrestricted terror and unrefined dread.

For such are these engines of destruction, as the march upon you all, beware!

These creatures of Dreadnaughts, these Towers of Destruction, Oh! Be you afraid little mortal.

The end comes with them, and all that stands between them and us, us and them, salvation and damnation, is her.

Her, and her alone, no doubt can there be.

Fourth Section, predictions concerning…

None there shall be.

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