Review of “Displaced”

Now, a bit of background, I have a myspace account and site. , I rarely use it, but do sometimes bugger onto it, just to check what’s going on.

Now, I recently got a PM from some band called “Displaced“, I responded with an insult about how I’d rather go to the Magical Happy Fairly land, and to my great surprise, they didn’t respond with righteous indignation, as Lord Sovereign Emperor of the Internet, it’s my firm believe that such good behavior must be rewarded, so I checked out their Myspace Site.

So I responded to their PM like this:

Now, because of your reasonable response, I actually went to your site and listened to the three songs you have made available there.

Stairwell quite frankly sucks horrible, I can live without stupid pop ballads, I must admit that I only listened to roughly thirty seconds of it, but hey, I’m a fucking consumer, I have the right.


Frostbite: Not bad, not bad.

To bad I’ve heard it before, what was there name? Oh yeah, Linkin’ Park.

I stopped listening to them, when I discovered Tchaikovsky.

I doubt this will do anything, and being the little dark jerk I am, I’ll admit that I really don’t give a shit either.

With hatred, deceit, lies, death and destruction.

RagnarokZ Augustus.

I personally consider it a reasonably thing to do. As an extension to this response, I’d like to point out how utterly unoriginal Displaced’s site looks, Dark and Red? Holy shit son, that’s the oldest colour scheme in recorded history, I’m telling you, Pharaoh Ramses the Second, the Great, the Builder used it as his colour scheme when he had the Battle of Quadesh Immortalized in rock back in the ancient past.

Also, you are terribly stereotypical, Emo band my friends, that’s what you are, a motherfucking Emo band.

And you guys are a dime a dozen.

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