The People’s Peasant Republic of Westfall.

As I mentioned in an earlier update, Westfall in World of Warcraft is a rather odd place, a farmland ravaged by golem-like automatons, huge fucking birds of dread and doom, giant living sentient whirlwind who hates all life and a giant semi-mystical brotherhood of Stonemasons called Defias.

What’s more interesting is the presence of “The People’s Militia”, because apparently the last remaining human stronghold, the Kingdom of Stormwind, is so royally fucked up, that they can’t even defend their main agricultural region, primarily due to a low-intensity conflict against the Horde, a vague alliance of pretty much everyone besides the Alliance of misogynist pricks, environmentalist lunatics and dwarves, fuck the gnomes and let’s not touch the zealots with the freaky hooves and shit.

So basically, Stormwind can’t send shit because the Horde is a bunch of warmongering bastards, oddly enough the rampaging corruption, which is the prime cause of the Defias brotherhood’s existence, is only vaguely mentioned in the game.

The Defias Brotherhood started out as the Stonemason’s Union, helped rebuild Stormwind, got cheated out of ANY sort of payment by fat nobles, their boss went nuts, build a big evil empire, and now wants to take over the wo….Stormwind.

But that doesn’t matter, what matters are “THE PEOPLE’S MILITIA”, defenders of Westfall, sons and daughters of the proud farmers and the proud guards against the bourgeoisie swine who tries to suppress and abuse the peasants.

And why should the good people of Westfall continue to obey Stormwind? It’s not like they still fulfil their obligations. So what do the proud peasantry of Westfall do, under attack from all sides, and their garrisons pulled back to Stormwind itself, what should they do?

Simple. A Red Revolution against the Noble corrupt capitalist bourgeoisie swine in Stormwind, and the balance of power moved completely to the people and the Committee of Peasant Syndicalism.

And as the Elected Chairman of the Committee of Militia Defence Gryan Stoutmantle said in his reply to the loyalist fool in Lakeshire: “What the fuck? I set up my People’s Militia to warrant the overthrow of the Nobles and the glorious liberation of the People’s Republic of Westfall, tell him we shot any Soldier from Stormwind, and that we are way to busy fighting against the capitalist swine”.

And that was how the People’s Peasant Republic of Westfall was founded, due to the incompetence of Stormwind combined with the growing literacy of the peasantry, which enabled Stoutmantle to introduce his Syndicalist teaching easily and quickly.
Now, Westfall is still open to travelling heroes, who have their uses for the Good of the People, paying the capitalist bastards off with the confiscated properties of the bourgeoisie and the nobles, to destroy the Defias, who continue their fight against both Stormwind, out of hatred, and The Republic, out of sheer necessity, the end game has yet to be played, but the proud Peasants of Westfall stand firm against their enemies, be they Stormwind or Defias.

Thank you.

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