[23:28] lazeriusbalfour: y0
[23:28] superherofae: Sup?
[23:28] lazeriusbalfour: Nada
[23:28] lazeriusbalfour:
[23:28] lazeriusbalfour: Except for that
[23:28] superherofae: Fun
[23:29] lazeriusbalfour: Indeed, you?
[23:29] superherofae: Not much, just chilling out
[23:31] lazeriusbalfour: Coooooooool
[23:31] lazeriusbalfour: Just chillin’
[23:32] lazeriusbalfour: In da hood.
[23:32] lazeriusbalfour: With da dags
[23:32] lazeriusbalfour: Or whatever the fuck they say in these days
[23:32] superherofae: Haha
[23:34] lazeriusbalfour: ^_^
[23:34] lazeriusbalfour: Also, have you ever noticed how beutiful a clear night can be?
[23:34] superherofae: Oh god yes
[23:35] lazeriusbalfour: Stars, sometimes you can even see one of the other arms of the Milky Way like some demented giant being took a glowing white shit across the nightsky.
[23:36] lazeriusbalfour: And when the moon is out and painting everything in a milky grey light, like ash had rained from the darken sky.
[23:36] lazeriusbalfour: Ash from the obvious polution.
[23:36] lazeriusbalfour: ^_^
[23:38] superherofae: So poetic
[23:38] lazeriusbalfour: I’m as poetic as when Richard “Hitler Mark 2.0” Nixon has sex with midget while singing “War, what is it good for?”.
[23:39] superherofae: Haha
[23:39] superherofae: Thanks for those images that will forever haunt my dreams
[23:39] lazeriusbalfour: I do my best.
[23:39] lazeriusbalfour: Also, I’m presently writing my latest and by far most peculiar update.
[23:39] lazeriusbalfour: “The People’s Republic of Westfall”
[23:40] superherofae: Isn’t that a place in WoW?
[23:40] lazeriusbalfour: Yup
[23:40] lazeriusbalfour: The local Alliance Guards all belong to “The People’s Militia”
[23:40] lazeriusbalfour: THE PEOPLE’S MILITIA!
[23:41] superherofae: Hahaha
[23:42] lazeriusbalfour: I’m basically going to write the story pretending that WEstfall is a proletariat republic
[23:42] lazeriusbalfour: And present the Militia’s purpose as both defenders and executioners of the Burgoise scum.
[23:42] superherofae: I need to pee
[23:42] lazeriusbalfour: bourgeoise*
[23:43] lazeriusbalfour: Delightful
[23:43] lazeriusbalfour: I always appreciate your contributions to our long and meaningful conversations.
[23:44] superherofae: Hahaa
[23:44] lazeriusbalfour: I do my absolutely worst.
[23:45] lazeriusbalfour: ANd it works like a ADD kid on meth and smarties.
[23:45] lazeriusbalfour: an*
[23:45] superherofae: I like smarties
[23:47] lazeriusbalfour: don’t we all
[23:48] lazeriusbalfour: Except Smarties with shit, which, incidentially, is also a festish
[23:48] superherofae: That it is
[23:48] superherofae: Haha
[23:50] lazeriusbalfour: And let’s not talk about furries
[23:51] lazeriusbalfour: Unless we are talking about FURY!
[23:51] lazeriusbalfour: Which is the 23rd most Awesome game in the English language.
[23:52] lazeriusbalfour: The 22nd best is “bourgeoise”, which is French.
[23:52] lazeriusbalfour: SEE THE IRONY! HELLO IRONY!
[23:52] superherofae: HI THERE IRONY
[23:53] lazeriusbalfour: Ain’t he a pretty boy.
[23:54] lazeriusbalfour: Like a Choirboy at the World Catholic Annual Convention.
[23:55] superherofae: Haha
[23:56] lazeriusbalfour: I really am a twisted little bastard eh?
[23:56] lazeriusbalfour: BWAHAHAHA!
[23:56] superherofae: That’s why I love you, dear.
[23:56] lazeriusbalfour: Also, Final Fantasy 13 will revolutionize the series.
[23:57] lazeriusbalfour: Instead of someone looking vaguely liking a women, the main hero will actually BE a women.
[23:57] lazeriusbalfour: Who acts like a man.
[23:57] lazeriusbalfour: OH! THE FUCKING TURN AROUND!
[23:57] lazeriusbalfour: WHAT WILL BE THE NEXT! LUIGI’S MANSION!
[23:57] lazeriusbalfour: OH SNAP!
[23:57] superherofae: Haha
[00:00] lazeriusbalfour: Soding fulllights, why do they keep making those games?
[00:00] lazeriusbalfour: And why do people keep buying them?
[00:00] lazeriusbalfour: WHY?
[00:00] lazeriusbalfour: ANSWER ME ORACALE OF LIGHT?!?!
[00:01] superherofae: Fangirls
[00:02] lazeriusbalfour: And boys
[00:02] superherofae: And those
[00:02] superherofae: but if we’re talking about Final Fantasy, it’s fangirls
[00:04] lazeriusbalfour: HAve you ever seen the Final Fantasy female persons?
[00:04] lazeriusbalfour: Trust me, fanboys.
[00:04] lazeriusbalfour: And they are masturbating to them, like 14-year old boys masturbate to Victoria’s Secter magazines.
[00:04] lazeriusbalfour: Welcome to the REAL world!
[00:05] superherofae: It scares me
[00:07] lazeriusbalfour: It welcomes you.
[00:07] lazeriusbalfour: Like Death welcome war, like spring welcomes growth
[00:08] lazeriusbalfour: Like the rapper welcomes a big titty women with a huge ass.
[00:08] lazeriusbalfour: Like a politician welcomes a hot secretary.
[00:08] lazeriusbalfour: Like I welcome the power of ZOD!
[00:12] lazeriusbalfour: FOR ZOD IS SUPREME!
[00:13] superherofae: Oh dear XD
[00:16] lazeriusbalfour: ^_^
[00:16] lazeriusbalfour: KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!
[00:16] * superherofae kneels
[00:25] *** superherofae has received WESTFALL.jpg.
[00:25] lazeriusbalfour: I suck at Photoshop
[00:25] superherofae: Still, I laughed
[00:25] lazeriusbalfour: But it works.
[00:25] lazeriusbalfour: And this is suppose to be comedy
[00:26] lazeriusbalfour: Also, it’s an update for tomorrow.
[00:26] lazeriusbalfour: I’ll have to take screenshots during the day, otherwise it all looks like dark shit.
[00:27] superherofae: there is a brighten mode in Photoshop
[00:28] lazeriusbalfour: Or I could wait for tomorrow.
[00:28] lazeriusbalfour: ^_^
[00:28] superherofae: or that
[00:29] lazeriusbalfour: I am wise of years and eggs
[00:29] lazeriusbalfour: Okay, maybe not the years thing
[00:29] lazeriusbalfour: OR the eggs.
[00:29] lazeriusbalfour: Or the wise.
[00:29] lazeriusbalfour: Or…Anything.
[00:30] superherofae: Haha
[00:42] lazeriusbalfour: And now.
[00:42] lazeriusbalfour: I shall begone!
[00:42] lazeriusbalfour: FOR SLEEPHEST AWAITS ME!
[00:42] lazeriusbalfour: Goodbye!
[00:43] superherofae: NIGHT!

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