This is an emergency update! Just off the Press! I’m literally interviewing one of my many sources about this!

Holy fuck is it ever hot! HOT! HOT AS FUCK!

Remember Animeleague? Remember RAMBLINGS? Of course you do.

Rumour has it that the REPORT button can now only be used by an exclusive few on the forums, the Head Admin’s pretty little “Anglo-Revolution” “Clan”, so basically, they are now the only ones that can inform the mods about bullshit, unless the mods or an assistant sees it, isn’t that amazing?

Also, in the “British Faggots” private Clan forum, The Head Admin, FreeSaiyan, will discuss forum issues with his little clique of fellow British.

What a racist, imperialist and nationalist prick eh? This is the Internet Captain Empire, sod nationalities.

And that’s all for the FORUM WATCH!


I shall now tell you a tale, of the ever moving relationship of the young and stupid, of the Story of Love Between Two Unique Little Snowflakes, of my masturbating furiously to while writing this crap.

A lovely young lady made an update in her electronic journal, stating that the relationship between her love and herself was a private matter entirely, despite the bragging done earlier in am amazing IRC channel.

And the lovely handsome young lad, who slept with a girl with Herpes for reasons unknown and obscure.

And during their first night of young passion and sweet love, did she insist on him taking measures? No, he insisted she had, and yet she did not, because she fails to understand the ramifications, STDs are bad and will fuck you up good.

And yet, why he did not then acquire a condom is a mystery to me, but such are the mysteries of young love.

So how will this tale of Young Love end? That is unknown to me, perhaps they shall live happily ever after, however, it is more probable that will break apart in a shower of Herpes and hatred.

Such is my tale so far, who knows what the future brings.

RagnarokZ, Spinner of Tales and Fan of Tailspin.

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