Nature’s gift is a blessing to all mankind.

Speech given to the Convent of Greenpeace City, Great Lakes Republic, 28th of February 1985, by John Greenlakes of Ireland.

“My friends, our world is crying out, its tears are shed over the rampant devastation we commit against it, and for once, it may act against us.”

“We have all seen the evidence, the Elemental attacks against the League’s deforestation acts in Asia has caused thousands of deaths, the growing cyclones in the Indian Ocean devastates the sub-continent every year, even the ancient Atlantean machinery has reported dangerously high movements in the Gulf Current, threatening the European Civilizations at their very core.”

“We, Druids, know Nature’s language well, we have heard her whispers since time immemorial, and even the persecutions by the less enlightened has never ended out ancient customs, and by Nature’s Light they never shall.”

“We must act! We must do something! Anything!”

“Soon our reassurances towards Nature herself wont be enough, she will devastated the European Continent, she will let her rage spread across Asia, and nothing will be able to stop her, no matter what they think.”

“And yet they will try and stop her, they will try! And the will FAIL! And their failure will spell all by doom for everyone else, they will use their Weapons, their Nuclear options, and they will spread their diseases of radiation, and their darkness of their Nuclear Winter, and we will all face the horrors of those.”

“And what will become of the innocents? All the civilians who know not of what their masters do?”

“They will all die, and we will stand powerless to stop it.”

“We must act, and we must do so with force, that is the only language the fools understand, we have tried with words, but what can words do for the Exile we Irish have faced since 1454?”

“For centuries we have lived here at the Great Lakes, long away from Old Ireland, and we are grateful for it, for here we have build the great city we stand in, and it is truly a wonder of the Beating World.”

“But they will not listen, they didn’t when we fled, and they will not now.”

“We do not inherit the World form out ancestors, we borrow it, from our children, never forget that, as we will never forgot the injustice harmed upon us.”


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