Speech to the Annual League of Nation meeting, 21st of December 1972, Copenhagen.

By Aarre Aitamurto, Lord of the Presidency of the Republic of Finland.

“Gathered politicians, leaders, friends and old enemies, tonight we have dined on fine food and good wine, from France I’m told.”

“And now we sit here, being self-satisfied and content, and now you expect me to come up here, and hold some friendly speech about the tranquilities of the global economy, or the good partnership between nations.”

“But I shall not, for the Presidency of the Republic does not take orders from anyone but the Finnish people.”

“And I will not hold my tongue, when there is still injustice in our fair and beautiful world, and what injustice you ask?”

“Look outside the window, at the once so proud Danish people, not suppressed beyond reason or fairness, beyond logic, beyond compassion.”

“And yet, we let the suppressors play hosts to us, we let them serve us food and wine, we let them entertain us, and why?”

“BECAUSE WE ARE HYPOCRITES, foolish hypocritical little people.”

“We sit here and pretend we are the Lords and Ladies of the very Creation itself!”

“No more, the Republic of Finland has had enough of this, no more parties billed to the People of the World, no more useless meetings designed to make us, the politicians, feel important, no more of any of this useless prancing about.”

“I, we, everyone has had enough of it, mark my words, and mark them well.”

“I swear on this day, that I shall not rest, nor shall any of my successors rest until the day the world is free from injustice, and I shall not retire until either the people of the Republic wills it, or Denmark is once again a FREE NATION.”

“That I swear, and a Lord of the Presidency have never broken such a pledge, you are my witnesses, all of you cannot deny this.”

“Now, give my dinner to the poor and the hungry outside, for I shall leave now, never to return to this country, with such a wretched “government” in charge.”

“May the Dark Gods curse you all”.

Aarre Aitamurto remained as Lord of the Presidency until 1992, when the Danish Revolution overthrew the Nationalist Government, he had spent his life fighting against, Mr. Aitamurto was the first foreign Head of State to officially visit the new People’s Kingdom of Denmark.


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