Imperial Decree of the Eight of August of the Year Three.

Imperial Conveyance of titles of Higher Nobility:

As per my will and my right to rule, I, RagnarokZ, hereby and henceforth convey the following titles upon a selected list of deserving individuals.
As per this day, Stacey “Sutaseiu” Matthews is granted the inheritable title “Duchess of the British Columbia Providers”, for her unquestionable service to the Empire and her general crusade against incompetence.

We furthermore grant her the title “Mistress of Ceremonies”, a lifetime ceremonial appointment.

Imperial Conveyance of titles of Lesser Nobility:

As per this day, Nodsri of the Spamatorium is granted the inheritable title “Count off the Malaysian Backbone”, for his general service towards the Imperial Greater Good.

We furthermore grant him the title “Master of the Royal Hunt”, a lifetime ceremonial appointment.

By my will.

RagnarokZ the First.
Emperor of the Internet
Augustus, Imperator, Principles.
Autocrat of the Realm.


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