The Phantom Zone.

A world beyond imagination. .

The Phantom Zone, discovered in 1923 by famous German Physicist Hans Müllabfuhrmann, is a peculiar event, caused by the continued gravitational pull of the sun.

The pull creates a zone of thick organic materials a distance of some 0.2 AU away from Earth, in a tailward direction.

This small Zone of organic materials are home to some of the most exotic life forms in the entire solar system, forming a food chain going from plankton-like and algae plants living off the Sun’s light, to massive multi-cellular creatures feeding on smaller creatures.

When Dr. Müllabfuhrmann originally spotted the Zone, he named it due to the shadowy effect it created, the name is actually confusing, as the Zone is actually a full circular formation around the sun, Dr. Müllabfuhrmann did not have the technology to actually observe that, neither did he realize it was an organic bio-zone.

It wasn’t until the brilliant young Dr. Jody Miriam, in 1965, performed a full spectrophotometric analysis of the light reflected from the Zone, and she discovered, to her great surprise, that the results showed vast amounts of organic materials, oxygen, carbon and water.

This, together with the race for the moon between the Compact and the Roman Imperials, further increased the global interest for space exploration.

While the Compact and the Roman Imperials where occupied with their race to the moon, the rest of the space faring countries turned their attention towards the Zone, and it’s apparent life.

Although Dr. Miriam presented a theory stating that intelligent life was unlikely, due to the apparent lack of solid surfaces, she still pointed out the chance of actual life, perhaps not sentient, but alien and alive.

And as the Zone was reasonably close to Earth, sending satellites and other unmanned vehicles towards it was easier than sending it to any of the planetary bodies, and as the Race for the Moon pretty much covered any scientifically benefits, the Zone became a hotbed for other nations.

That’s all for today, join me tomorrow as we discuss the initial findings in the Phantom Zone.


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