The Battle of Accra.

An excerpt from Tut-Al’kahazam’s Autobiography.

It was early morning, and I woke to the sounds of an army at rest, the sound of thousands of good men and women getting ready to face their enemy.

I woke and prepared my usual morning meal, boiled grain and pigs blood, many men of my status would have servants to do such menial things for them, but I am not them, I am myself.

After my Spartan meal, I dressed in my uniform and walked outside, to raise the good soldiers morale by walking among them, I have already memorized most of the people’s names, so that I can call out to them, ask them how their families are, how their games last night went.

It does wonders for morale; any commander should do such, to the extent that he is able.

As I walked among them, talking with them, I directed my gaze across the soon-to-be battlefield, at the Belgian Expeditionary Force that, like we, were preparing themselves for war.

If they knew of war of course, my spies tell me that all the Belgians do is to simply throw men into the battle, how utterly disgraceful.

Not like we would do, oh no, I ordered Commander Orasia and her rifle horsemen into the forest in the foothills to the west of the Belgian positions, when I gave the signal they would tear into the Belgians.

Not that I would ever doubt my own forces more than necessary, but it does always pay to be on the safe side, especially in war.

As I looked towards the Belgian lines, I could vaguely see their officers yelling at their enlisted and conscripted men, presumably to get in line and prepare to march towards your death for “king and country”.

But if war is what they want, then we shall give it to them, we will fight them where they come, and we will kill them.

And when my army crush these Belgians, and crush them we will, I will march to their colony and cease it from them, offering any remaining Belgians citizenship and the right to the lands they have settled on.

I am sure you’re thinking “but what about those who already lived on the land?” let you’re worries be at peace my friends, those lands where unpopulated but for a few hunters, the Belgians did a good job building their colony, I will give them that much.

But that is for later, now, I shall prepare my speech to the soldiers of my army, and send a scout out to Orasia, she must prepare her soldiers too.

For war is upon us today, and we shall relish it, for it is the true way.

Taken from “The Strength of the People, My Strength” page 243, the Battle of Accra as it was written by Tut-Al’kahazam the mighty himself.

The Speech in question is relayed here:

High-President Tut-Al’Kahazam the Mighty of Ghana’s Speech to the Army of Accra, minutes prior to the battles beginning.

“My Sons! My Daughters! My Children”

“You are the proud warriors of Ghana, of the Republic, of your homes, your families, your bloodlines”.

“Today we fight, and we fight these Belgians, they outnumber us, that they do, but we are wiser than them, smarter and better than them, so we shall prevail.”

“And we will drive them back to their homelands in distant Europe, who they should never have left.”

“We will teach them war, we will teach them the true way of the warriors.”

“For we are the blades of Ghana, the sons and daughters of the old ways and the new ways.”

“We combine the greatest things in Africa, traditions and progress, liberalism and conservatism.”

“And today, my friends, my soldiers, my army.”





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