High-President Tut-Al’Kahazam the Mighty of Ghana

Destroyer of the Belgians, Lord of the Rinsing Sun.

In 1732, during the Conference of Strassbourg, the Big Powers of Europe and Asia attempted to carve out Africa for colonization. Those colonization attempts utterly failed, as the African nations, understandably, didn’t want to be colonized by arrogant Europeans and Asians.

One of the nations in question was the Greater Federal Republic of Ghana, led by President Tut-Al’kahazam the Mighty, who had been re-elected seven times, by the time of the colonization attempts.

The Ghana territories had been granted to the Kingdom of Belgium, and King Albert XI had prepared a mighty colonization fleet for the purpose of building “New Belgium”.

The first fleet was utterly obliterated by Barbary Coast Pirates, who still send the Belgium State a letter every Christmas thanking them for all the treasure and booty they stole.

The second fleet went off course due to the raging incompetence of the Belgian navigators, and ultimately ended up stranded on the shores of the Inca Empire, the Great Inca decided in his wisdom to allow the Belgian settlers to live in his land in exchange for their loyalty and skills. To this day, many of the greatest men and women in the Inca Empire have Belgian blood in their veins.

The third fleet was actually successful in reaching Ghana itself, King Albert XI didn’t live to actually see it though, he died in 1746 and was succeed by Lothar III.

The third fleet’s successful landing created a shock in President Tut’s administration, and a number of diplomatic mission where dispatched to the High-Council of Europe, to demand an immediate withdraw of the Belgian colonists.

The Belgians refused even to listen to the diplomats, and the other nations of the Council decided that it was a Belgian and Ghanese problem.

Ghana was not just any African nation, Ghana had the largest and most well equipped army on the Continent, even had superior weapons compared to their Belgian opponents.

The conflict finally escalated into full-blown war in 1748, where the Belgians assaulted the Ghana capital of Accra, the battle resulted in the almost complete destruction of the Belgian forces, as President Tut, commanding the Army of Accra himself, order a flanking manoeuvre using horsemen armed with repeating rifles, resulting in massive casualties to the Belgian forces, operating under the standard European strategy of “Massed wave attacks”.

The almost total destruction of the Belgian Army, and the following capture of the Belgian Colony, would seem to many to be the end of the war.

But not to Tut the Mighty, he mobilized his armies and his fleet, and sailed and invaded Belgium, and utterly crushed the Belgians in their own homeland, forcing them to a humiliating peace and causing a shockwave in Europe and Africa, resulting in a total failure towards any other colonization of Africa.

President Tut managed to be re-elected until his death in 1794 at the age if 114, his grateful people build the mighty State of Accra to celebrate his achievements.

President Tut Al’kahazam unusual title “Lord of the Rinsing Sun” is strictly religious in nature, and was awarded by the Compact of Pagan Nations in 1782 for his hard work against Christian aggression.

In President Tut can we even today see a brilliant and unyielding leader, and many African leaders today, celebrate him as their greatest statesman and general.


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