[13:43] Gee, thanks
[13:43] I’ll make up something random like Harry has brother
[13:43] Or a sister.
[13:43] ASSFAT
[13:44] assfat? what
[13:44] Thats digg for you 🙂
[13:44] We’re making fun of the whole Harry Potter leak.
[13:44] Also, Snape Kills Dumbledore.
[13:44] Which is actually true.
[13:44] Did I mention Hermoine is harrys farther?
[13:44] lies, i fed dumbledoor to a banana
[13:44] oh and Harry has a twin sister
[13:45] *dore
[13:45] Also Soylent green is people
[13:45] She give a small elf a message
[13:45] “Help me obi… errr. hagreg, you’re our only hope”
[13:46] They also build a really big ball
[13:46] Also, Harry figures out how to channel magic through his “wand”, and use it as a lightsaber.
[13:46] that destroys the school
[13:46] And Harry can now lift shit with his mind.
[13:46] it creates a disburnce in the fo-magic field
[13:47] All Wizards hear it, and mentioned it feels like a million house-elves crying out in pain.
[13:47] Fortunately a muggle called Harry Sulu comes in and helps out
[13:47] with a talking bear called choku
[13:47] This is going to be the BEST BOOK EVER
[13:47] And the biggest LAWSUIT EVER!
[13:48] The humans managed to build themselves a boat
[13:48] called the magic falcrum
[13:48] And weird looking guys keeps making plans about how “the spice must flow”.
[13:49] then they discover a town, a small town with small people
[13:49] one of them has a ring
[13:49] its a very scary ring
[13:49] Also, Poul Granger comes out with his weirding ways and defeats the Evil Si-Dark Emperor.
[13:49] they need to destroy it by throwing it in a volcano
[13:49] but not just any volcano
[13:49] a volcano in a place called endor
[13:50] And the Naz-Dementors try and stop them.
[13:51] And Indiana Jones comes flying through the Window and hands Harry to Cup of Christ to heal Hermione.
[13:51] Who is Harry’s dad.
[13:51] * RanmaGuy (~ranmaguy@synIRC-41C09E87.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: zzz -=SysReset 2.53=-)
[13:52] Eventually after they destroy the ring and save the day, they decide to go and explore, so they take the magic falcrum on a 5 year mission
[13:52] to seek out new magic, and new towns
[13:52] to boldly go, where no wizard has gone before
[13:52] Until they are fucked up by the Predator.
[13:53] The end.
[13:53] ….?
[13:53] Excellent book
[13:53] I cant wait
[13:53] Sorry if we ruined it all for you guys 🙁
[13:54] Hahahaha

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