I mock people!

Death in Love: Can I help you with something? <--HINT! THERE IS A LINK HERE!
RagnarokZ: Solution: Termination of illusion of importance.
RagnarokZ: Method: Mocking.
RagnarokZ: Result: Acceptable.
Death in Love: Pardon my blondeness but I have no clue what you’re talking about.
RagnarokZ: Amusement: I’m a blond, and I am able to understand even sophisticated conversations, clearly your “blondeness” is not the cause of your confusion.
Death in Love: Honestly, I’m brunette. And it’s not, no offence, but you’re confusing me.
RagnarokZ: None take sweeties.
RagnarokZ: And you know damn well who I am.
RagnarokZ: And if you don’t, then you are, plain stupid.
Death in Love: I’m afraid I must take offence to that. I’m afraid I don’t know who you are.
RagnarokZ: Hahaha
RagnarokZ: I even added my signature to one of the PMs
Death in Love: Let me look.
RagnarokZ: You live up to your stereotype child.
Death in Love: What are you talking about?
RagnarokZ: Would you like a bit more attention?
RagnarokZ: Or perhaps an even pinker text colour?
Death in Love: You’re starting to piss me off. What is your problem?
RagnarokZ: Everything about you.
RagnarokZ: Your slutty avatar and signature.
RagnarokZ: The fact that you think anyone really cares about you “returning to post on a stupid forum”.
RagnarokZ: Everything.
Death in Love: I actually do have a few people who are glad I’m back. But I can’t see anything that I’ve done to you.
RagnarokZ: Can’t forget the dropbox, can’t forget that.
Death in Love: If you have such a big problem with me, then why the fuck did you add me? I was hoping something would be settled, but I suppose not.
RagnarokZ: Amusement my dear.
RagnarokZ: Amusement
Death in Love: Make me feel bad is amusement to you? Sick bastard.
RagnarokZ: Telling you the truth and watching you rage.
RagnarokZ: That is amusement.
Death in Love: Truth about what?
RagnarokZ: The fact you have a really slutty signature/avatar.
RagnarokZ: And that you are yet another narcissitic arrogant youngster.
Death in Love: I’m not debating that my signature is slutty.
Death in Love: And once again, you know absloutly nothing about me. I don’t see what your problem is.
RagnarokZ: I can presume.
RagnarokZ: According to your profile, you’re 17 and a student.
RagnarokZ: You’re also American.
Death in Love: yes
RagnarokZ: From those I can make the following presumations:
RagnarokZ: There is a 76% chance that you are overweight or directly fat.
RagnarokZ: There is a 56% chance that you are a “goth”
RagnarokZ: There is a 46% chance that you are a slut.
RagnarokZ: And finally, you’re American, 67% chance of not knowing where Norway lies.
Death in Love: I am overweight, I’m not goth, I’m most deftainly not a slut, and I don’t know where norway is.
Death in Love: are you fucking happy now?
RagnarokZ: See?
RagnarokZ: So predictable
Death in Love: Exactly what made you think I knew who you where?
RagnarokZ: I’m 21, I study Histoty at the University of Southern Denmark, I’m Danish/Scottish.
RagnarokZ: I have no girlfriend, and I am at present not looking, I am of normal weight, I am quite tall.
RagnarokZ: I wear glasses.
RagnarokZ: Questions?
Death in Love: You forgot to mention the part about you being a dick
RagnarokZ: Honesty is an ill-appreciated thing.
Death in Love: I can’t see the honesty in it. You know nothing about who I am other than what you see on AL.
RagnarokZ: You present me with an image.
RagnarokZ: I have now described it.
RagnarokZ: I presume you planned the image…And I acted upon it.
Death in Love: But you didn’t have to act upon anything, so I must assume you have some sort of grudge with me or something like that. I can’t see why anyone would go out of their way to be mean towards someone they don’t even know.
RagnarokZ: I have a general dislike of people who act like idiots on the Internet.
Death in Love: I certainly don’t see where I’m acting like an idiot at.
RagnarokZ: Slutty signature
RagnarokZ: Idoitic.
RagnarokZ: ZING!
Death in Love: Personally I don’t care what the hell you think of my signature.
RagnarokZ: Horrible.
Death in Love: Tell me, are you this rude to everyone you don’t like.
Death in Love: Or is it just me?
RagnarokZ: Everyone.
RagnarokZ: Why treat morons like friends.
RagnarokZ: This conversation is over.
RagnarokZ: You are to stupid to change, I don’t give a shit beyond standard mockery of you.
Death in Love: I still don’t understasnd why you’re being to mean to me, I can understand that you might not like me or whatever your problem is with me, but why must you be so cruel about it?
RagnarokZ: You’re fucking stupid?
RagnarokZ: Or you behave fucking stupid.
Death in Love: Whatever you say. I still think what you’re doing is wrong. I don’t see how anyone can be amused by someone else hurt.
RagnarokZ: It’s the Internet.
RagnarokZ: It’s not real.
RagnarokZ: And it does not matter.
RagnarokZ: ZING!
Death in Love: You disgust me
Death in Love: And what do you mean by “it’s not real” you hurting me is real.
RagnarokZ: You’re hurt?
RagnarokZ: By this?
RagnarokZ: Holy shit, you’ll never make it out in the real world.
Death in Love: Yes, I’m hurt. You tell someone they’re stupid and their feelings get hurt.
RagnarokZ: ….Only if they are stupid.
RagnarokZ: If they where smart, they would simply go “Fuck him, I’m smart”.
RagnarokZ: Clearly you didn’t, thus, you are fucking stupid.
RagnarokZ: This pointless conversation tires me, leave.
RagnarokZ: Also, I have to walk my dog.
Death in Love: I hope you fucking get hit by a car
RagnarokZ: Doubtful.
RagnarokZ: It’s 21:46 on a sunday.
RagnarokZ: Not much traffic.
RagnarokZ: Thanks for the death threat, I love you too.

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