How I originally intended Cityscape to be.

A fact few know off.

Not many of you, may realize this, but Cityscape, as a concept, was originally my idea. I thought it could be pretty awesome to have some forum where you basically role-played as a completely normal citizen in a completely normal city, to a degree, I thought it could be pretty awesome to spice things up with some random shit too.

I presented my early idea to Michael “FreeSaiyan” Towers, the admin and owner of a forum whose casual forum I moderated back in the day.

Apparently he had some idea in the same corner, and jumped to the idea faster than you can spell “Utopian dream world” backwards on Zulu.

The name was my idea, sure Cityscape is an old word I had nothing to do with, but I proposed it to Free, whose original idea was something like “Casual Role-playing League Fuckfest” or something equally lame like that.

My early idea would never have worked without strict moderation, so Michael dropped that idea, like a Thai hooker would drop you when the cocaine runs out.

So instead, we got the Cityscape most of you people are familiar with, I was one of the Original moderators of the place, having been transferred from the Casual forum, the early Cityscape is pretty much the same as it is today, meaning, it sucks horribly and is basically a dream world for emo anime fanatics, and not in a good way.

The good thing is, that the endless repeat of stupid shit I tried to stop, have disappeared, well done there, should have done it when I suggested it.

Hell, some random moron even threathened to leave the forums because I loked his stupid “Whoever’s Mansion IIIIIIXMV”, and then my moderator seat was almost taken away from me, because of some moron who couldn’t handle his stale old shit going bye bye.

Okay, I admit that all the old crap is gone, of course, it has now been replaced with NEW CRAP, awesome, well done.

The same silly Role-playing threads over and over and over and over again, like a dream of a train wreck that never ends, but just keeps going and going like a retarded Duracell rabbit on Ecstasy, I fucking hope the Ecstasy makes it dehydrate and DIE!

Back when I was in charge, it was basically a train wreck too, but it was a train filled with clowns and penguins fighting with flamethrowers and clubs and the locomotive were on fire, while The Scorpions would be playing “Rock you like a Hurricane” in the dinning car. And the caboose would be filled with kittens.

I can’t prove anything I say, and it really doesn’t matter anyway, my idea back then was fundamentally flawed, it might have worked, but it would have required complete and utter nutjobs would like to role-play the same things as they would have done in real life, might have worked if I had planed it as a stereotypical action movie, hell, that might actually have been really fucking awesome.

So yeah, it would be nice if Cityscape could have a “Remember our founder” day or something, honouring me for at least coming up with a kickass name.

Then again, they would probably honour me by role-playing as anime warriors fighting for love and cupcakes with their massive power.

Yeah, let’s just skip that idea.

And guys, watch this while you read the mental image bit:

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