Black and White 2 is the best GAME EVER!

It is my firm believe that Black and White 2 is the absolutely greatest game ever made, it is a highly superior game than it’s predecessor, the mediocre Black and White, and makes huge improvements on the boring RTS controls of B&W.

Black and White 2 still retains the old “you’re a GOD mate” system as it’s predecessor, but changes it so radically that you wouldn’t believe IT! Unlike the predecessor game where you had to either impress a town or scare it into worshipping you, depending on whether you want to be evil or not, in Black and White TWO you have to IMPRESS them with the sheer amount of temples, taverns, shops, amphitheatres and manors you build to join your capital city, thus emulating the effects of sever overpopulation and starvation quite well, or conquer them with armies made from the males of your cities.

Also, unlike the inferior predecessor, your influence ring isn’t created from any central point, but is simply limited to whatever cities you have, thus preventing you from wasting time with the silly miracles, not that it matters, as all the useless miracles have been removed anyway.

And the useless quests from the old game? You know, the ones that gave you several different choices depending on your alignment? Goon with the wind like Atari’s profits, KACHING!

Now all the quests just give you TRIBUTE, which is used to: BUY SHIT! AWESOME SHIT! NEW BUILDINGS! HAND GESTURES, wait, hand gestures? That’s odd; the old game gave you that for free. Oh well. It is still the BEST GAME EVER!

And the combat system between your AWESOME armies? The put motherfucking Total War to shame, the awesome slow moving buggy movement of the AWE-inspiring armies generates combat scenes that put C&C Generals to shame with it’s sheer awesomeness.

And your creature? Hell, he’s lost all his useless miracles too, you can buy him a few, but who the fuck gives a crap, miracles where useless anyway, and you don’t have to gain worshippers in other cities anyway.

The games sheer awesome size is just the same as the predecessor and has pretty much the same environment, just vastly improve using the superior MultiPrismPlasticatedScreenMagic 2.02 engine, truly moving the game into the next phase of existence.

Okay, I can’t keep doing this. Black and White 2 would be a pretty decent game, if it wasn’t called Black and White 2.

It’s not a sequel, it’s pretty much a brand new game running on the same engine, if Lionhead had just called the game something new, referred to you as a mighty Wizard or something and dumped the dofus conscience guys and replaced them with a good and a bad advisor, the game would have been pretty decent.
Black and White TWO is still the best game ever!

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