Why? Oh why?

I was chatting with SOURCEONE earlier when she mentions this little gem:

[15:11] SOURCEONE: There’s a pedophile on AL and it’s not Mike
[15:13] lazeriusbalfour: Really?
[15:13] lazeriusbalfour: Do tell.
[15:13] SOURCEONE: He came into one of the porn threads and announced his love for child porn
[15:13] lazeriusbalfour: And do take screenshots. copies of anything.
[15:14] SOURCEONE: Nada threatened to tell the FBI because the guy stupidly put his Wii friend code in his sig and could probably be tracked by that
[15:15] lazeriusbalfour: Then what happened?
[15:15] SOURCEONE: http://www.animeleague.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=639&start=15 AD isn’t a locked forum any more, anyone can view it 😛 the poster is Ten to four
[15:15] SOURCEONE: I don’t know yet, presumably he’s brought it up in staff but I’m not a mod yet so I don’t know
[15:16] lazeriusbalfour: ….I’m not banned
[15:16] lazeriusbalfour: What the hell?
[15:16] SOURCEONE: The forums moved
[15:16] SOURCEONE: you must now take this opportunity
[15:16] lazeriusbalfour: Ahh.
[15:16] lazeriusbalfour: But if I reveal myself they will still ban me.
[15:18] lazeriusbalfour: WTF?
[15:18] lazeriusbalfour: “reading the thread”
[15:18] SOURCEONE: hmm?
[15:20] lazeriusbalfour: Just read the shit.
[15:20] lazeriusbalfour: What the hell?
[15:20] SOURCEONE: No idea
[15:23] lazeriusbalfour: Thanks for giving me an update for the Emperor’s Word

Link to thread: Porn Yay or nay

Harmless thread OP, but sad as hell

What really makes this funny, is the fact that the freak probably couldn’t seem to understand why Child pron was such a bad thing. Or why saying it on a public forum.

I guess whatever freaky forum he’s talking about must have been www.Ilovelittlegirls.org or something.

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