The dangers of llamas!

Llamas, the terror of humanity, the scourge of all life, the horror of the depths.

All of those, are terms most commonly associated with Llama glama, also know as the “common” llama.

It is of course of highest importance that people understand just how dangerous the llama truly is, most people live with the misconception that the llama is nothing but a harmless grass eating mammal from South America.

And they couldn’t be more wrong.

The first misconception is that llamas eat grass, fruits and so on. That is wrong, they eat nothing but the bloody flesh of people with A- blood types. So people with those blood types should generally avoid the habitat of any type of llama, be they blue or not.

And llamas do not merely live in South America; originally they evolved in Northern America, where they went extinct after the last Ice Age. Llama can now be in virtually every corner of our little blue glove. Their preferred habitat are close to the continental shelf, they do however mate close to the shores, and will often hunt in marshland and other lower areas.

Holland ha suffered regular llama invasions since time immemorial. And despite the dikes keeping many of the llamas out, even they can’t keep out the bigger and more bloodthirsty ones out.

One specie of llamas do actually live in land, but they mostly resides in the lost ice-caves of Antarctica, where few humans ever venture anyway.

Thus, in order to be safe, avoid marshlands and Hollands if you have the blood type A-.

And stay the hell away from Antarctica.

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  1. Uber-H says:

    My sister was bitten by a llama once.

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