Communism versus Capitalism?

Are you kidding me? Nothing compares to the sheer awesome wrath of great Comrade Marx and Magnificent Comrade Engel’s work of the workers liberty.

How the fought against the mighty engines of Industrialism in the Rühr districts of Germany! How they fought against the dark and dystopian illusion of capitalism!

How can you even claim that the foul taste of Capitalism can be good for the greater people? It only serves the few, the lucky, the already rich and those who dare to abuse their fellow workers in the stinking name of profit and revenue.

Have you no compassion with the plight of the worker and the common man? Those poor souls who Comrade Marx freed from the manacles of Capitalism when he fought the great mechanical Dragon commanded by Rhodes, the foul despot of Africa.

And how Comrade Lenin fought the foul daemons of aristocracy of the Romanov Tyrants, and he smote them upon the great slopes of the Ural range. And he turned old mother Russia into a behemoth of a nation, which still stands to this day.

And how Comrade Engel fought the foul Britons and convinced them with words to adopt the new era of supreme Communism!

The Greater Good stands to the end of time.

So I say to you, Comrades, Communism is the only answer.

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