On Internet Love!

But of course “love” can exist on the Internet. Anything can exist on the wondrous Internet. Even if you have never actually talked with the obvious love of your life, it’s still love right? Right?

Even of you basically total strangers meeting in a virtual world of illusions and deceit, love can still prevail. And even if the picture of you have seen of the most obvious love of your sad and pathetic life is quite possibly both photoshopped and taken from an angle that easily covers all faults your most excellent and obvious love of your life, may or may not have.

It still looooooooooooooooooove, right? Right?

Of course it is, doesn’t matter that you have the social skills of a three year old with Tourretes. It’s love, even if you haven’t spent more than two weeks talking over AIM or perhaps even a garbled conversation over Skype.

Inspired by this!

And long distance? To true love distances matters not, right? Right? Of course it doesn’t. Nothing matters to true love. TRUE LOVE! TRUE LOVE!

And perhaps you even phoned each other? HOLY SHIT! Another garbled conversation, awesome. The person is now without any doubt the true, obvious and most excellent love of your life. Might as well ask the person to marry you. Even if you have never actually lived together.


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