Get ready for PARTAH!

Remember Mewski? Yeah, she follows Britney into a tornado of madness, fake split personalities and vague threats.

[15:50] * Mewski changes topic to ‘Welcome to #ThisPlaceSucksLeague| Bad mouth football, Liv will laugh, everyone else might bite your head off | <-- Rules! Eat, breathe, live and shit them. Thank you.|Sace: I'll be Gone for aout 5-6 Days. Behave till I get back.|' [15:51] bleak> /quit Mewski
[15:52] that still doesn’t make it relevant to.. erm.. anything icon_smile.gif<---except the awesomeness of rhetoric. [15:52] bleak> hah
[15:52] bleak> metarelevant
[15:52] Sol|Sleep> exactly
[15:52] Mewski> how about you quit
[15:52] bleak> because I like it here and am not complaining
[15:53] * Mewski sets mode: +b *!*@demon.of.the.fall
[15:53] * bleak was kicked by Mewski (well I dont give a flying shit)
[15:53] Mewski> whos next
[15:53] Mewski> I dont care. been waiting to be kicked off this crap chat
* Retrieving #animeleague modes…
[15:54] * Pies|Fae sets mode: -b *!*@demon.of.the.fall
[15:54] * Mewski sets mode: +b *!*
[15:54] * You were kicked by Mewski (so you next)

Later on, Mewski was banned from the chat, and those who had suffered her insane wrath was saved. For once the voice of reason was actually FreeSaiyan himself.

For those who care, further information may be gathered here.

PS: Part One.

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