The Gospel of the Funny End.

And as the Seven Jokes wither, woe be to us.
For he who laughs under the oceans awakes.

And those who spawn Boredom shall tremble,
for the Comedian who slumbers in the lost city of New Orleans!

SHALL RISE! And all shall laugh at its fart jokes,
and it’s look-a-likes phantoms.

And the virgins shall bleed from their eyes in joy,
the gamers shall cry, the accountants shall sing.

Then those who sleeps with the great Comedian,
shall rise with it, and they will plant fun within you.

And woe be upon those who dare not to laugh and be jolly,
as it presents its splendor and showmanship.

And all shall laugh, until such time, as the Great One,
destroys all, in the final joke of eternity!

– The Scrolls of Ma-Al-Zharum

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