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Communism versus Capitalism?

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Are you kidding me? Nothing compares to the sheer awesome wrath of great Comrade Marx and Magnificent Comrade Engel’s work of the workers liberty.

How the fought against the mighty engines of Industrialism in the Rühr districts of Germany! How they fought against the dark and dystopian illusion of capitalism!

How can you even claim that the foul taste of Capitalism can be good for the greater people? It only serves the few, the lucky, the already rich and those who dare to abuse their fellow workers in the stinking name of profit and revenue.

Have you no compassion with the plight of the worker and the common man? Those poor souls who Comrade Marx freed from the manacles of Capitalism when he fought the great mechanical Dragon commanded by Rhodes, the foul despot of Africa.

And how Comrade Lenin fought the foul daemons of aristocracy of the Romanov Tyrants, and he smote them upon the great slopes of the Ural range. And he turned old mother Russia into a behemoth of a nation, which still stands to this day.

And how Comrade Engel fought the foul Britons and convinced them with words to adopt the new era of supreme Communism!

The Greater Good stands to the end of time.

So I say to you, Comrades, Communism is the only answer.

Inspired by this thread!

On Internet Love!

Monday, February 26th, 2007

But of course “love” can exist on the Internet. Anything can exist on the wondrous Internet. Even if you have never actually talked with the obvious love of your life, it’s still love right? Right?

Even of you basically total strangers meeting in a virtual world of illusions and deceit, love can still prevail. And even if the picture of you have seen of the most obvious love of your sad and pathetic life is quite possibly both photoshopped and taken from an angle that easily covers all faults your most excellent and obvious love of your life, may or may not have.

It still looooooooooooooooooove, right? Right?

Of course it is, doesn’t matter that you have the social skills of a three year old with Tourretes. It’s love, even if you haven’t spent more than two weeks talking over AIM or perhaps even a garbled conversation over Skype.

Inspired by this!

And long distance? To true love distances matters not, right? Right? Of course it doesn’t. Nothing matters to true love. TRUE LOVE! TRUE LOVE!

And perhaps you even phoned each other? HOLY SHIT! Another garbled conversation, awesome. The person is now without any doubt the true, obvious and most excellent love of your life. Might as well ask the person to marry you. Even if you have never actually lived together.


This is an EMERGENCY!

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

By Imperial Decree and will, all good subjects of the Empire shall at once move towards said linked subject, and propagandize my Imperial grace.

By my will, let it be so.

Get ready for PARTAH!

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

Remember Mewski? Yeah, she follows Britney into a tornado of madness, fake split personalities and vague threats.

[15:50] * Mewski changes topic to ‘Welcome to #ThisPlaceSucksLeague| Bad mouth football, Liv will laugh, everyone else might bite your head off | <-- Rules! Eat, breathe, live and shit them. Thank you.|Sace: I'll be Gone for aout 5-6 Days. Behave till I get back.|' [15:51] bleak> /quit Mewski
[15:52] that still doesn’t make it relevant to.. erm.. anything icon_smile.gif<---except the awesomeness of rhetoric. [15:52] bleak> hah
[15:52] bleak> metarelevant
[15:52] Sol|Sleep> exactly
[15:52] Mewski> how about you quit
[15:52] bleak> because I like it here and am not complaining
[15:53] * Mewski sets mode: +b *!*@demon.of.the.fall
[15:53] * bleak was kicked by Mewski (well I dont give a flying shit)
[15:53] Mewski> whos next
[15:53] Mewski> I dont care. been waiting to be kicked off this crap chat
* Retrieving #animeleague modes…
[15:54] * Pies|Fae sets mode: -b *!*@demon.of.the.fall
[15:54] * Mewski sets mode: +b *!*
[15:54] * You were kicked by Mewski (so you next)

Later on, Mewski was banned from the chat, and those who had suffered her insane wrath was saved. For once the voice of reason was actually FreeSaiyan himself.

For those who care, further information may be gathered here.

PS: Part One.

The Britney Spears disaster.

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Hey. You people remember that pop-star who was really awesome a few years ago?

Yeah me neither, so I guess we have to make fun of Britney Spears instead. Now join me as we watch the horrible dethroned Queen of Pop crash and burn.

This is how Britney looked before: Picture.

Now read the news: Link Link Link

And here comes the PICTURES: Pics. Pics. Pics. Pics. Pics.

Well shit eh? I guess Christina won.


PS: Youtube! and a lucky hairdresser.

How not to do the thing called “Living”.

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

“Okay so what if Mike and I aren’t going out. So it’s been 3 years. So? So fucking what. Least he’s stuck by me, never cheated on me and always looked out for me. Isn’t that worthy of more than just the stamp “Boyfriend & Girlfriend”?

Well bugger now I’m crying…”

Taken from Mewski’s journal.


And really, do I even have to tell you why this is sad and pathetic? If I do, then you have commit yet another mistake in the thing we call “living”.

Return to last savepoint an TRY AGAIN.

Oh wait, there is no savepoint, GAME OVER!

And here is a picture of the horror:

href=’’>BEWARE! This is not human, this is a being of total TERROR!


The Gospel of the Funny End.

Saturday, February 17th, 2007

And as the Seven Jokes wither, woe be to us.
For he who laughs under the oceans awakes.

And those who spawn Boredom shall tremble,
for the Comedian who slumbers in the lost city of New Orleans!

SHALL RISE! And all shall laugh at its fart jokes,
and it’s look-a-likes phantoms.

And the virgins shall bleed from their eyes in joy,
the gamers shall cry, the accountants shall sing.

Then those who sleeps with the great Comedian,
shall rise with it, and they will plant fun within you.

And woe be upon those who dare not to laugh and be jolly,
as it presents its splendor and showmanship.

And all shall laugh, until such time, as the Great One,
destroys all, in the final joke of eternity!

– The Scrolls of Ma-Al-Zharum

Greetings my followers.

Friday, February 9th, 2007

I welcome you all to the most esteemed Official information distribution channel of my august self. I sincerely hope you will all grow to enjoy the writings I shall commit on this website.

And I shall work hard towards generating as much entertainment and interesting discussion as I possibly can.

I shall also post whatever the fuck I damn well feel like, you ungrateful bastards.

RagnarokZ Augustus.